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  • RES PowerFuse 2008 SR6 Available

    Posted on August 13th, 2009 Yuri Haak No comments

    reslogoAugust 12th, RES Software released PowerFuse 2008 SR6. Service release 6 for PowerFuse contains over 80 enhancements and fixes which are listed further on in this article. Besides just this service release RES Software also released newer versions of the Workspace Extender, LanguagePack, Subscriber and PowerPacks for the enterprise and express versions of PowerFuse.

    A PDF with releasenotes can be downloaded here: pdffile

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  • SR5 PowerFuse update

    Posted on April 24th, 2009 Yuri Haak No comments

    reslogoThis friday, April 24th, RES Software released Service Release 5 for PowerFuse 2008. This is a major overhaul which includes many new enhancements, and fixes alot of issues.

    The update can be downloaded from the RES portal. As usual there 4 different downloads to consider: Either the full installer for new installations, or the PowerPacks, either the unattended or the manual version. Besides that, there is also the stand-alone Console installer, if you need it. Remember to have your credentials for the portal handy when you use these links. Some of the enhancements in PowerFuse 2008 SR5 are:

    • Additional environment variables when configuring User Preferences
    • Configure cache timer interval
    • Configure groups as application manager
    • Configure MemoryShield to count open tasks of an application only once
    • Exclusions in User Preferences
    • File version included in pwrcache errors in common Error Log
    • Force logoff of disconnected sessions after timeout
    • Import file type associations for applications
    • Import settings from Flex Profile Kit INI files into RES PowerFuse as User Preferences
    • Improved method to handle desktop items
    • Install Updates and Shutdown option added
    • Instant LogOff user profile cleanup no longer active for Microsoft Windows Vista/2008
    • NetGuard dump extended with computer/server name
    • Republish all applications in a Citrix Server Group
    • Silent refresh of RES PowerFuse sessions
    • Support for VMware View 3.1
    • Unmanaged applications optionally available to all users
    • Use Active Directory property “displayname” instead of fullname”

    The complete and detailed release notes for SR5 are available to review here:  Icon, PDF file

    Important note. This Service Release includes several new registry settings and environment variables. The reference documents maintained maintained on this site are being updated accordingly:

    update1RG005 – PowerFuse Tips & Tricks

    RG006 – Variables, Tags and Functions (more info is being added as we learn about the new variables)

  • SR1 Wisdom update

    Posted on March 29th, 2009 Yuri Haak No comments

    reslogoOkay, this is some old updates which have been sitting in the queue for a while without getting published. Nevertheless, there’s some good info in here on how to upgrade Wisdom.

    March 27th, RES Software released an update package for RES Wisdom. The Service Release 1 package for Wisdom 2009 is available for download from the RES Portal. The update can be downloaded here (this requires you to have a valid SA logon).  So, what’s new in this update you might ask? There’s a good deal of fixes:

    Have a look here for more info:  Icon, PDF file

    If you havent’ tried upgrading Wisdom before, don’t worry. It’s piece of cake (really, it is! :) Essentially, you fire up your console and point to the update package, which is automagically uploaded and distributed thereafter. All the agents, dispatchers and consoles will upgrade themselves without you having to do anything.

    wis11) You download the .WUP file (Yes, WUP is short for Wisdom Update Pack :). Start your Wisdom console and go to Infrastructure | Datastore | Setup | Components.

    2) Here you use the Wisdom, update button button, and it’s pretty much a next, next finish job from there.

    The mere thought of having a production system upgrade itself on a massive parallel scale,  may scare the  living daylights out of you. If it does, it just proves you’re still sane! :) Seriously, Wisdom is one of the most stabile platforms out there and it handles itself very safe and sanitary. One of the very little known facts of the product is that you can actually downgrade to an earlier update package version. So, if something isn’t working right, it’s possible to do a rollback. The version range where this is possible has yet to be determined, but we will ammend this post as soon as this has been clarified.

    Happy upgrading


  • PowerFuse 2008 SR4 update

    Posted on February 20th, 2009 Yuri Haak 2 comments

    reslogoYesterday,  RES Software released an update of the Service Release 4 for PowerFuse 2008. It is now version This update contains many important fixes. At the bottom of this posting, there is a link to download the releasenotes. There are also several cool enhancements to this update. These are mainly some interesting registry keys which you can use to tweak PowerFuse with. Here is an overview of these new settings, quoting from the releasenotes:

    Configure cache timer interval. It is now possible to configure the cache timer interval. This interval determines how often the cache checks for changes in the database or for new transactions. The default for this interval is 5 seconds. This interval can be changed by setting the following registry key:

    Key   : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareRESPowerFuse
    Value : CacheTimerInterval (REG_SZ)
    Data  : A value between 5 and 60 (seconds)

    warning, yellowWarning: Changing the default of 5 seconds should only be done in special cases, such as a heavy load on the database server. 

    Disable screensaver when RES PowerFuse Workspace Extender is active: When a RES PowerFuse session is started from a workstation with the RES PowerFuse Workspace Extender or the RES Subscriber Agent, the RES PowerFuse session will enable a Screensaver by default. It is now possible to change this behavior, by setting the following registry string value in either HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE or HKEY_CURRENT_USER

    Key   : SOFTWARERESPowerFuse
    Value : NoAgentScreensaver (REG_SZ)
    Data  : Yes

    Force LogOff of disconnected sessions after timeout: It is now possible to force a logoff of disconnected sessions after a specified timeout expires. This can be enabled by setting the following registry keys in either HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE or HKEY_CURRENT_USER

    Key   : SoftwareRESPowerFuse
    Value : ForceLogoffEnabled (REG_SZ)
      Data  : Yes or No (to enable/disable the mechanism)
    Value : ForceLogoffTimeout or ForceLogoffTimeoutOnDisconnect (REG_SZ)
      Data: value in minutes
    Value : ForceLogoffOnDisconnect
      Data  : Yes or No

    If you are already using the ForceLogoffOnIdle mechanism, the timeout in ForceLogoffTimeout can be used to use the same timeout for both mechanisms, or you can use a different timeout to disconnect by setting a value in ForceLogoffTimeoutOnDisconnect.

    Silent refresh of RES PowerFuse sessions: A silent refresh of RES PowerFuse will not show a splash screen during a refresh of the Workspace Manager, which in some cases is less intrusive for the user. A silent refresh will only be used when the refresh is a result of a display change, a USB device change or a reconnect of a disconnected session. “Silent refresh” can be enabled by setting the following registry key in either HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE or HKEY_CURRENT_USER:

    Key   : SOFTWARERESPowerFuse
    Value : SilentRefresh (REG_SZ)
    Data  : Yes or No 

    The release notes for the update can be downloaded here: Icon, PDF file


  • PowerFuse SR4 is out

    Posted on February 1st, 2009 Yuri Haak No comments

    reslogoThis friday RES released Service Release 4 for PowerFuse, which fixes a whole bunch of nice stuff. It’s been a bit quiet on the blog this week. Plenty of stuff to do, and even less time to do it in. Nevertheless, stay tuned for some nice upcomming technotes, buildingblocks etc.

    In the meantime, have a look at the releasenotes for SR4 here: Icon, PDF file