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  • Installing XenApp with Wisdom

    Posted on September 5th, 2009 Yuri Haak 7 comments

    animated_book02From the Sharing-is-Caring dept. In our ongoing efforts to provide value to the community, we here at RESug strive to provide you with  goodies and documents well worth reading. This time around it’s a document which describes how you can use RES Wisdom to install Citrix XenApp servers automagically. As stated in the document, it’s not a best practice guide – it’s a training guide, which will provide a working example, however you may very well have to adapt it for usage in your own environment. It is however very comprehensive and will teach you by example on how to get the most out of RES Wisdom

    The document was authored by and kindly shared with the RES UserGroup by Brian Casselman at RES Software, US. Thanks Brian – you rock!

    To download the PDF, click here:  pdffile

  • RES Wisdom Tips & Tricks vol 1

    Posted on February 7th, 2009 Yuri Haak No comments

    Animated, Gears, boxAn article on all the neat stuff you can do behind the scenes with RES Wisdom has been long overdue This collection of tips and tricks for RES Wisdom have been gathered from the product help files, administrative guide, release notes and other publicly available sources. There are several topics covered in this article, specifically:

    • How to enable debugging mode in RES Wisdom
    • How to set the maximum connections on the Dispatcher
    • Using the $workspace tag in Wisdom
    • Scheduling Wisdom jobs from the commandline
    • Wisdom Agent installation parameters
    • Configuring environment variables to remain untranslated
    • DB creation during an unattended installation of RES Wisdom
    • The Wisdom @REPLACE function
    • New input options for parameters
    • Prepared4Embedded: New method for using Agents in an image
    • Dealing with console lockout

    Notice: This article has been updated with valuable information on Feb. 10th 2009.

    Click here to read the full article.