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  • Creating a custom Windows Logon screen with version numbers

    Posted on June 4th, 2012 Community Contribution No comments

    Most companies work with custom logon screens with build or version numbers for their workstation infrastructure. Instead of using paint or any other graphic application I created a RES Automation Manager RunBook to automatically set a logon screen and place the version number in the left-down corner.

    The building block contains two modules: one module for drawing the version number on the bitmap and another module for setting the logon screen. If you don’t have Automation Manager you can use the code below, but I can strongly suggest to try the RES Automation Manager software, it is awesome!

    Drawing the version number

    For the version number I use a small PowerShell script, so PowerShell is required. If you don’t want to install PowerShell on your workstations, change the RunBook  and run the script on another computer and copy the bitmap file afterwards.

    [sourcecode language="powershell"]
    # Watermark logonscreen with build version
    # 20120411 Marcel Venema, ConoScenza v1.0

    #Load System.Drawing assembly
    [Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName("System.Drawing") | Out-Null

    $filename = "%TMP%\LOGONSCREEN.JPG"
    $filenameNew = "%TMP%\CSAFLOGONSCREEN.JPG"
    $text = "$[CSAF_VERSION]" # RES-AM parameter
    $fontname = "Impact"
    $fontsize = 16

    #Select a font and instantiate
    #fontstyle: regular, bold, italic, underline
    $font = new-object System.Drawing.Font($fontname,$fontsize,[Drawing.FontStyle]‘Regular’ )

    #Get image
    $img = [System.Drawing.Image]::FromFile($filename)

    #Create a bitmap
    $bmp = new-object System.Drawing.Bitmap([int]($img.width)),([int]($img.height))

    #Intialize Graphics
    $gImg = [System.Drawing.Graphics]::FromImage($bmp)

    #Set the color required for the watermark.
    $color = [System.Drawing.Color]::FromArgb(255, 255, 255)

    #Set up the brush for drawing image/watermark string
    $myBrush = new-object Drawing.SolidBrush $color
    $rect = New-Object Drawing.Rectangle 0,0,$img.Width,$img.Height
    $gUnit = [Drawing.GraphicsUnit]::Pixel

    #Draw the water mark
    $gImg.DrawString($text,$font,$myBrush,12,$img.Height – 40 – $fontsize)
    $newImagePath = $filenameNew
    #Save image

    Setting the logon screen

    Setting the logon screen is a small tweak within the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. See for more information. You need to copy a backgroundDefault.jpg file to the %WINDIR%\System32\oobe\info\Backgrounds folder and add a registry key.

    Download the RES Automation Manager building block here : [download id="12"]

  • E2EVC

    Posted on May 26th, 2012 Community Contribution No comments

    From 25th to 27th May the E2EVC conference, formerly known as PubForum, takes place in Vienna, Austria. This event is organized twice a year and the only non-commercial event for virtualization enthusiasts. Besides lots of high-quality presentations the most important aspect of the conference is meeting other fellow geeks and share knowledge. Some members of the RESUG community are present and will coverage the event.

  • DDS Lite

    Posted on April 19th, 2011 Yuri Haak No comments

    DDS Lite. What is it?

    Well, after attending RES Software’s Pre-Solutions Breakfast yesterday, I can inform DDS Lite stands for the RES Dynamic Desktop Studio Lite edition.

    The DDS Lite program consists of a combination of solutions, comprised of both RES Automation Manager and RES Workspace Manager. It basically provides entry-level task automation, resource provisioning and user workspace composition and -personalization.

    To break it down, DDS Lite is basically:

    RES Automation Manager:

    • Task Automation
    • Conditions
    • Query Evaluators
    • Parameters
    • Resource Provisioning

    RES Workspace Manager:

    • Composition & Personalization
    • Desktop Sampler
    • Workspace Designer
    • Workspace Modelling
    • Zero Profile Technology

    Based on the information given on monday the 18th of April, the product will be priced at 45€ per concurrent user & 60€ per named user.

  • RES Automation Manager & Exchange Mailing Lists

    Posted on February 15th, 2011 Yuri Haak No comments

    The power of Automation Manager & PowerShell. Thanx to Anne Plancius!

    Not quite yet the point and click system that it, perhaps, should be. Call it the battle between ‘man and machine’. But with a bit of creativity, some PowerShell frags and a dash of Google, most things conceived can be procured. This little gem of information shows how to use PowerShell commands in conjunction with RES Automation Manager (formerly know as Wisdom) to create Exchange mailing lists.

    These PowerShell commands have only been tested in an Exchange 2007 environment, but they could also work in and Exchange 2010 environment. Please feel free to use them at your own risk!

    Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell.Admin

    chdir “c:\program files\microsoft\exchange server\bin”

    New-DistributionGroup -Name “Managers” -OrganizationalUnit “” -SAMAccountName “Managers” -Type “Distribution”

    These commands should be used with the following variable to ensure re-usability and flexibility:

    groupname: which is the name of the distribution group you want to create path in Active Directory: in which OU do you want to create the distribution group

    Which should result in:

    Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell.Admin

    chdir “c:\program files\microsoft\exchange server\bin”

    New-DistributionGroup -Name “$[groupname]” -OrganizationalUnit “$[path in Active Directory]” -SAMAccountName “$[groupname]” -Type “Distribution”

    A building block will be made available in the very near future.
  • RES Automation Manager 2011 Released

    Posted on November 3rd, 2010 Yuri Haak No comments

    RES Software has just released RES Automation Manager 2011 (the product formerly known as RES Wisdom).

    Apart from the new name the product has been given, some changes have been made to the product.

    Just to name a few:

    • A new licensing model
    • Small Business Server connectors
    • The introduction of Service Orchestration!
    • Master caching dispatchers
    • Exchange 2010 support
    • Windows 7 support
    • Windows 2008 R2 support
    • Citrix Workflow Studio invoking

    You can find the RES Automation Manager 2011 download here. Registration is required.

  • RES Software’s Big Secret? One day left….

    Posted on October 4th, 2010 Yuri Haak No comments

    Only one day left for RES Software’s big announcement. Be sure to check out the RES Software website tomorrow!